Why Apartment Living is More Popular with ‘Millennials’

Why Apartment Living is More Popular with ‘Millennials’ As more members of ‘Generation Y’ enter adulthood and begin their journey into the employment sector, most choose to rent rather than risk a long-term investment on a mortgage. Looking at all the reasons, it seems like common sense – student debt and prices for education are…Read More→

Storage Tips for Your Rental: How to Save Space

Don’t let space go to waste! Maximize space in your rental property by using creative storage techniques. The Rental Xperts offers these clever storage tips to improve space in your rental. Look Below Utilize space below your furniture, and invest in long, narrow storage boxes that fit perfectly underneath your couch, chairs, or bed. Storage…Read More→

Renting Your First Apartment: 5 Tips to Make Your First Rental Stress-Free

Renting your first apartment can be a daunting and stressful task if you are unprepared. However, if you do adequate research ahead of time, the renting process becomes far less overwhelming. At the Rental Xperts, we are offering these 5 tips to help reduce stress for first-time renters. 1. Set a Budget and Factor in…Read More→

5 Things to Ask when Hiring a Property Manager

Owning an investment property can be a solid investment, and provide a steady source of income. However, managing the property yourself can be time consuming and exhausting. Hiring a dependable property manager can alleviate a considerable amount of stress. But how do you choose the right property manager? We’ve got a few tips to help…Read More→

Property Preview : New Properties Coming to the Market from Rental Xperts

If you’re looking to rent, The Rental Xperts have some exciting new properties on the horizon. We aren’t quite ready to unveil them, but we couldn’t resist giving our reader’s a “sneak preview” of these wonderful rental properties. These properties aren’t on the market yet, so you are getting a chance to hear about them…Read More→

The Rental Xperts Launch New Website

We are extremely excited to launch our new website for The Rental Xperts! We know that our newly improved site will help us not only serve our current customers better, but will also attract new clients interested in finding top-quality property management services. “Our new website immediately communicates the central tenants of who we are…Read More→