Meeting a potential landlord is similar to meeting a potential employer. Make the best first impression with a rental resume.

The Rental Resume

The first thing that you do when looking to secure a new job is put together a stellar resume so that you stand out from the competition. Looking to find the best rental property for you involves making the best impression, something that can be achieved with a great rental resume.

Just like on an employment resume, you are going to want to highlight your most desirable features for a potential landlord. Here’s what you need to know:

Don’t most reputable landlords have applications?

It is true that most rental organizations, property management companies, and landlords have some type of structured application. However, they generally ask the same things such as rental history, employment, and marital status. Having a prepared resume will allow you to transpose this basic information and prevent you from having to provide it time and again, while also highlighting your better attributes.

If you do not have a good rental history or are looking for the first time; this is also a good way to present yourself as a serious looker that will be prepared and professional.

What it should contain

First and foremost you will want to be clear on who will be staying with you, clarifying the ages, relationships, and any special needs of those you will be living with. For the adults you will need to be sure to include employment, education, and rental history. For children you may want to tell briefly of activities and schooling. Mentioning any pets is critical as this may be a huge influence on your ability to rent certain properties. Lastly, either provide references such as your previous landlords or offer to do so upon request.

Feel free to share about yourself, but make it succinct and concise; doing so may help make a potential landlord more comfortable with you, but there’s no need to tell your life story. Lastly, make sure to include what you are looking for including number of rooms, available utilities, and amenities as well as ideal cost in a section toward the top of the resume.

This resume won’t be the only reason a landlord chooses you as a tenant, but it will help you highlight what sets you apart as a tenant, especially in a competitive rental market.

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