Don’t let space go to waste! Maximize space in your rental property by using creative storage techniques. The Rental Xperts offers these clever storage tips to improve space in your rental.

Look Below

Utilize space below your furniture, and invest in long, narrow storage boxes that fit perfectly underneath your couch, chairs, or bed. Storage underneath your furniture creates easy-access to those items, and an overall less-cluttered living space.


Look Above

Pots, pans, and appliances can be stored away on top of cabinets or your refrigerator. Baskets or bins in those high up places can be a well-organized way to hide your appliances and kitchenware. Storing items out-of-sight opens the room up and gives you more room to live.


Mount Whenever Possible

Mounting your TV and floating shelving units are great space-saving ideas. Place boxes, bins, and baskets on your shelving units to further maximize space and store your items efficiently. A mounted TV leaves the option for more storage below with cabinets or tables, and floating shelves are subject to decoration and creativity.

Spice up the appearance of your rental by adding art, mirrors, and anything that suits your style to the wall. Using the wall to your benefit creates a decorative, fluid feel to your rental.


2-in-1 Furniture

Find furniture that suits your living space. Some furniture comes with storage spaces already installed, like an Ottoman or couches with built-in cabinets.

Try angling your furniture with the corners of the room, and use the space behind for added storage of boxes, bins, or hampers.


Be Creative with Open Spaces

Don’t let open spaces or empty walls intimidate you. Place movable shelving units and cabinets against open walls in your rental to make the most of these open spaces. Add hooks and over-the-door shoe holders to corral small items.

Partition a living space into two, or hide stowed-away items by installing curtains. Curtains add personal decoration while making your living space feel bigger and less-cluttered.


Organize, Organize, Organize

Place bins and crates in cabinets without shelves to organize your stuff. Junk drawers and cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom should be organized and neat. An organized living space transforms your rental from unappealing and hectic, to creative and flowing.


Limited space in your rental is easily conquerable using these storage tips. The Rental Xperts hopes these storage-saving tips come in handy when maximizing the space in your home.

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