The Rental Xperts provides these helpful tips for recent graduates to know when renting their first post-grad apartment. The transition to the real world will be far less stressful when considering these 5 tips for renting.

1: Know Your Budget

Before anything else, you must be sure to set a realistic budget for yourself based on your gross monthly income. Be sure to leave plenty of breathing-room for living expenses and extra utility costs that are not included with monthly rates.

Often landlords present income qualifications tenants must meet to live in their apartment. Consider living with one or more other roommates to meet income standards.

2: Know Your Desired Location

After you set a budget and leave room for extras, you will be able to narrow your apartment search down to desired location.

Always get a feel for the location before signing the lease. Here’s what you should ask yourself about location before committing to an apartment:

  • Is the area affordable given your budget?
  • Are the surrounding areas run-down, decrepit?
  • Convenient location to stores, work, points of interest?
  • Could you see yourself living there?

3: Don’t Let Perks Cloud Judgment

Landlords will often promise several perks and benefits for living in their apartment meant to woo tenants into signing. For example, promotions, gift cards, and other marketing strategies may be used to entice you into signing a lease without understanding it completely.

Know what you’re committing to by reading the entire lease, and do not let additional perks cloud judgment. A manipulative landlord is someone you do not want to rent from.

4: Have the Right Information

Many landlords will require certain information to approve tenants to live in their building. Be sure you have access to and can provide the following information:

  • Proof of income for all tenants
  • Credit score check (may have a fee to do so)
  • Personal references
  • Photo identification

5: Suits Your Needs

Finally, know what you want out of your first post-grad apartment, and find one that suits your needs.

If you have a pet, you should be sure they are permitted. If you need certain internet or phone capabilities, ensure they are accessible. For any special accommodation that you require, always check to see they are satisfied.

The Rental Xperts offers these 5 tips to make your first post-grad rental a breeze. If you are in the market to rent your first apartment post-grad, contact us at (760) 791-9583. We can help you find your first post-grad rental that suits your need, and eliminate stress throughout your search.

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